Anti bullying programs are helping to create schools where everyone feels safe. are lots of problems that are associated with the epidemic of bullying seen at most schools across the country. Unfortunately, there are still way too many people out there who don’t think that bullying is a major issue. What these people fail to recognize is that when a kid is bullied it often leads to problems for them later in life, let alone the short-term effects that it can have on a child. When a student is being bullied they often start to wonder why so many people are picking on them, and they start to lose their self confidence. This often means that they start doing worse in school, they stop wanting to come each day, and they maybe even become depressed or anxious. Those kinds of feelings can persist into adulthood, and if they aren’t remedied somewhere along the way they can cause problems for children for the rest of their lives.

One of the biggest issues with school bullying is that it often makes students not feel safe or comfortable at their own school. If you were to talk to a teacher and you told them that one of their students didn’t feel safe in their classroom, they would be appalled. The very last thing that a parent, teacher, or school administrator wants to hear is that one of their students doesn’t even feel safe when they have to go to school. This is a major issue, and it’s one that has to be resolved.

That’s what anti bullying programs are trying to do.  Although the approaches of various programs differ slightly, they all have the goal of ensuring that when a child goes to school they feel comfortable and safe. To this end, they run trainings and seminars where children, parents, teachers, and school administrators are trained and educated about school bullying. These programs generally go over the problems associated with bullying and what kinds of issues it can cause for children, they go over the reasons why some kids might be bullying others, and they give both children and adults the tools and empowerment they need to act on the issue. At the end of the day, their goal is to educate and empower every single person in a school to root out bullying wherever it exists, from the teachers and the school administrators the kids that are being bullied and the kids that are bullying.

There are lots of great programs out there, but none of them does a better job of communicating the problems of bullying and empowering people to act on the issue that Nonviolent Communication for the Next Generation. Based in Hawaii, NVCnextgen is working tirelessly to ensure that children of all ages are being taught in nonviolent communication. They believe strongly that if children are shown how to resolve their issues without resorting to violence and are given the skills to communicate openly and clearly with one another that bullying will eventually cease being the issue that it is today. To learn more about their approach, visit their website at