Get your organic compost tea from a company with a lot of experience.

https://mountainhighorganicsco.comMany of the plant growers across the country, from small farms to marijuana growing operations, struggle each year to increase their yield. Most growers operate on a limited amount of land, so their goal each year is to try to figure out how they can grow more and produce more on the same parcel of land they’ve always had. They map out the space to try and see if they can re-situate their rows to fit more plants onto the same amount of space, and they look into various nutrient-rich fertilizers to see if those might help them increase their yield per plant. Many of them try out pesticides and fertilizers from major agricultural businesses, but for some growers that’s not an option because they want to grow only organic plants.

There are lots of different products out there that growers can try, but the one that’s far and away the best is organic compost tea. You might be thinking of some sort of weird drink that farmers consume to make themselves more productive, but that’s not what organic compost tea is. Instead, it’s a liquid fertilizer made from compost and other organic ingredients that’s designed to go into the soil around a plant. It’s made by taking a bunch of compost, putting it into a device, and then adding various ingredients. All of the things are aerated to produce a high-quality organic compost tea that can then be applied to the plants. The purpose of this tea is to ensure that the plants are getting everything they need in terms of minerals and nutrients.

If this is the first time you’re hearing of this stuff, you really should consider giving it a try. It’s been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective fertilizers out there, and it does a great job of increasing plant yields. If your goal is to grow more on the same limited amount of land you’ve always had, then organic compost tea is something you should be considering.

The key to getting an organic compost tea that’s really going to increase your yield is buying it from a company that really knows what they’re doing. As you could guess, there’s a science behind creating compost tea. A little too much of the wrong ingredient and the compost tea might kill your plant rather than helping it. That’s why it’s so important to only buy your compost tea from companies with a great deal of experience. If you want to feel confident that the compost tea you’re putting on your plant is actually going to help it grow, then you need to buy it from an experienced company with a proven track record. Mountain High Organics CO is one such company. With decades of experience under their belt, they’re well-known in the industry for producing a high-quality organic compost tea that actually works. If growing more on the same piece of land sounds good to you, start looking into organic compost tea today.