How to visit your first cannabis dispensary

Recreational marijuana is taking the world by storm. More and more states are voting to legalize the use of marijuana in both medically and recreationally for people that are 21 years old. If you are lucky enough to live in one of the states that has recently voted to legalize marijuana, then congratulations! Welcome to the 21st-century. Now all you have to do is visit your first cannabis dispensary. However, since cannabis dispensaries or not something that is fairly common in many parts of the United States, many people often find themselves intimidated the first time day go into a canabis boutique. The simple act of walking into a dispensary can be intimidating sense they are often well guarded fortresses complete with security guards and window bars, and they do not exactly inspire window shopping from people that are simply passing by. Because of this, it is impossible to accidentally or discretely wander into a dispensary, but here are a few tips that can help lift some of the mystery behind what is inside those doors.

If you live in a state that has legalized medical marijuana only, then you will only be able to purchase marijuana if you walk into the dispensary with a recommendation from a doctor and a medical marijuana card. The recommendation is the same thing as a prescription, except that since marijuana is not a federally illegal a doctor cannot technically write you a prescription for medical marijuana. If your state has legalized marijuana for recreational use, then you will need a valid state ID, and of course you will need to be aged 21 or over.

Do not try to enter a dispensary with a fake ID, marijuana dispensaries are very familiar with how to spot fake ID’s and they scan every ID at the door. Also expect to see a security guard for an off-duty police officer at the front door of the dispensary. This is for your safety as well as staffs’. Once you enter the front door and have your ID approved, you will likely need to wait in a waiting area. Cannabis dispensaries are busy places and they have to make sure that they do not go over capacity. Once you were able to enter the actual shop, the front desk person will buzz you in. Now you have made it to the promised land.

The back area is where you will select your products and complete your purchase. Every dispensary is going to be a little different, but typically they will be a big board on the wall that shows the types of products they currently have in stock and their prices. You approach the service counter and tell the clerk what items he would like to purchase and they will retrieve them for you from behind the counter. There are no products kept out in the open, and anything on display is typically behind a glass counter. The staff are excellent resources if you have any questions, so do not be afraid to pick their brains.