Keep glass pipes beautiful by using a glass pipe cleaner kit

Glass pipes for cannabis consumption come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. People do not often think about all of the hard work that goes into making a beautiful glass pipe, but there is a great deal of skill that goes into each and every blown glass piece.  Let’s take a closer look at the work that goes into them and how to keep them looking beautiful with a pipe cleaner kit.

A glass artist (for art it is) begins their work by starting with a long glass tube and breaking it down into smaller sections. Once they have a section that is just about 4 inches long, they then shape and sculpt each end in order to create the spoon or bowl section and the neck on the other end. They carefully heat up each section that they want to work with and the slowly mold and shape it. To create the bowl, the blow through the other end of the tube and mold the hot glass into a circular shape over and over again until it looks just how they want it. The final product is completely unique according to the glass blowers preference as they add any final accents.  There are many different elements of a glass pipe that will be different based on how the glass blower decided to shape it. Some of those elements are:

Size. The size of the pipe will depend on the particular glass blower and how much material they have to work with. That is why you will see very short and small pipes right next to ones that are a little longer.

Accents. You will not ever see two pipes that are exactly the same. An artist may decide to add different accents to the neck of the pipe as well as around the bowl Some of those accents may even be happy accidents that happened during the blowing process.

Colors. The swirls of colors that most pipes are adorned with can be controlled to a point, especially if the person making it is an expert, but they are going to change based on how the glass is heated and the colors that are added before they start working with the original glass tube that becomes the pipe.

Carb location. Pipes can be designed for both left handed and right handed people. Since the majority of the population is right handed, most pipes that you see in the shop are created for people that are right handed, which means the carb will be located on the left side of the pipe. However, you can still find hand blown glass pipes that are designed for left handed people.

Glass Pipe Cleaning  Kits: just as you would never throw your favorite wool sweater into the washer with your jeans, you should never try to boil a glass pipe. You should use an organic pipe cleaner kit for all of your cleaning needs. It will gently and safely remove any resin from the pipe without harming the glass.