Seven Great Thai Dishes That You Need to Try Now

Food is one of best things that any culture has to offer and in Thailand, they have quite a few dishes to share to us. Thai food is very popular here in the US which is why there are a number of Thai Food Restaurants that are popping up. In Thai cuisine, it is all about the mixing of different exotic flavors along with exotic fragrances. It is these fragrances and flavors that has made Thai food popular in the west.

Thai Food Boulder

spicy shrimp soup

In Thai cuisine you can find a lot of variety in the foods that are served and anyone who wants to try out some Thai food could get overwhelmed trying to choose. So that you won’t be caught stuck looking at the menu the next time you find yourself in a Thai Food Restaurant, we are going to talk about seven great Thai dishes that you need to try now.

  • Tom Yum Gong – Also known as spicy shrimp soup, this fragrant Thai dish gives off an aroma that can really make your nose run. The soup makes use of chili, lemongrass, lime juice, lime leaves, fish sauce, and shallots. The start of Tom Yum Gong is the shrimp.
  • Som Tum – Also known as Spicy Green Papaya Salad, this unique dish is something for people who really enjoy spicy food. Due to its spiciness it has people divided between those who love it and those who just can’t handle the heat from this spicy Thai dish.
  • Tom Kha Kai – Basically chicken cooked in coconut soup, Tom Kha Kai has similarities with the Tom Yum Gong dish. Tom Kha Kai is a tamer version of Tom Yum which incorporates the same ingredients with some strips of chicken and coconut milk which neutralizes some of the heat.
  • Gaeng Daeng – A red Thai curry, the Gaeng Daeng is a tasty Thai dish that is made with pieces of meat along with coconut milk, lime leaves, and of course, red curry paste. What you want to look for in the dish is the tenderness of meat, the more tender, the better.
  • Pad Thai – This Thai Dish is basically fried noodles cooked in the Thai way. Pad Thai is one of the more popular dishes in the west and is cooked inside a hot work incorporating onions, bean sprouts, eggs, and the noodles (with the choice of thin or wide).
  • Khao Pad – This Thai Dish is that Thai version of fried rice. The dish itself is quite simple and similar to other fried rice recipes only this one incorporates more spices and herbs to give it more heat and aroma. Khao pad is a popular dish to eat during lunch.
  • Pad Krapow Moo Saap – Despite the long sort of tongue-twister name, this Thai dish is basically fried basil with pork and is quite popular. Apart from the pork and basil, this Thai dish is made with chili, soy sauce, sugar, and green beans.

So remember, the next time you go to a Thai Food Restaurant, think about ordering one of these seven great Thai dishes.