Water Soluble CBD is a New Variant of CBD that can be Taken Sublingual

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Water soluble CBD is pretty much on the buzz among many CBD enthusiasts. But what exactly does it refer to? Is this new kind of CBD any better than CBD oil or CBD capsules? Well, that is exactly what we are going to find out in the following section.

What is water soluble CBD?

Water soluble CBD is a new variant of CBD that can be taken sublingually. This means, you can put a couple of drops of this CBD under your tongue and hold it for a few minutes till the active ingredients in it is automatically absorbed in your bloodstream. This is way better than swallowing the CBD oil or taking it in the form of capsule, because unlike the former products, this water soluble variant won’t really pass through your digestive system before it is absorbed in your bloodstream.

How is CBD oil made water soluble?

In order to make CBD water soluble, it is first re-engineered in a lab. Right after that, it is sold as CBD powder or water soluble CBD liquid. Although the process used in making CBD water soluble is patented, we do know that CBD is transformed into microscopically small droplets that come with the ability of mixing more easily in your blood. In addition to this, curcumin is combined with the CBD oil in order to make it more water soluble. This circumin is a substance present in turmeric and it comes with several health benefits. It prevents inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, colon cancer and breast cancer. So when you ingest water soluble CBD, you can be completely assured of its medicinal benefits.

What are the benefits of using water soluble CBD?

Bioavailability- Probably one of the biggest advantages of water soluble CBD is the fact that it is bio-available. Wondering what bio available means? Well, it simply refers to the amount of nutrient that can be used by your body for a good purpose. According to most experts, you only get around 10 percent of the available cannabinoids from taking CBD capsules or CBD oil. But such is not the case with water soluble CBD. Unlike the other variants, your body can absorb a relatively higher percentage (almost 75-80%) of water soluble CBD. This means, more nutrients are absorbed in your blood stream and you are physically in a better stage by taking this supplement.

Better serving sizes- This is yet another advantage of taking water soluble CBD. Unlike the regular CBD, here you will be able to estimate the serving sizes more accurately. In this way, you’ll have a proper idea about how much CBD you should be taking to get the kind of therapeutic effect that you’re looking forward to. In this way, your body too will absorb a greater amount of cannabinoids, terpene and every other phyto-nutrient that CBD oil comes with.

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