What It’s Like to Undergo Brain Surgery

If you or a loved one has to undergo brain surgery that is a very serious procedure to undergo and should not be taken lightly. Brain surgery will be different from person to person but this article will cover what one type of brain surgery is like.


brain surgeryPrior to surgery, your doctor may recommend some steroids or medication to prep you for surgery. Your doctor will then discuss the surgery with you and any options you may have. You may have the option to be awake during the brain surgery. Depending on the location of the tumor if you choose to be asleep during the procedure there is a chance you could wake up after surgery and have a new disability. Even if you are awake during the procedure there is still a very small chance you could get a disability, but the chance of it happening is decreased by a lot. A lot of people undergo brain surgery when they are awake. This can be a very scary thought to most people. It would be hard to imagine what it is like to have someone cutting into your head while you’re awake.  


Before surgery, you will also meet with a neuropsychologist. You will do practice tests with them that they will perform in surgery so they can map your brain. They will also perform memory tests.


Then the day of your surgery you will most likely be very anxious. You will again meet with your team of doctors and they will go over everything again. They will then position you for surgery. You will not experience any pain but you will still get some sort of anesthetic to make you calm. They will also most likely inject your face so there is no pain there. Then they will begin.


The first part is the drilling into the skull. Your surgeons will talk to you a lot and ask if you are doing okay. Once they reach your brain they will do whichever procedure is best for your case. One example is to stimulate spots of the brain with an electric current. At this time you will be doing the test you practiced earlier to make sure everything is working properly. This will help the surgeons know which parts of the brain to not touch. Eventually, your surgeon will get the tumor out but there may be complications. It is possible you could have a seizure and blackout. Seizures are actually very common during surgery. And finally, they will stitch you up.


After surgery, you might have some impairments but that does not necessarily mean they are permanent. You may have speech issues after but there is a good chance these will go away with time. Your head will also be sore for a bit after as well. Your doctor will prescribe you medication to help with pain and make you feel as normal as possible.


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