What to Find in a Gymnastics Center

Gymnastics is a multidisciplinary sport that requires specific equipment for practice. It requires work on balance, flexibility and speed. A gymnastics center offers sports halls, schools and gyms all the gym equipment selected from Domyos, Dimasport, Gymnova and Sarneige brands.

There is a wide choice of tackles and mats for a safe reception and all the necessary accessories for the practice of rhythmic gymnastics.

The practice of gymnastics
Gymnastics requires the complete development of a room with climbing ropes , beams, uneven bars, pommel horses … It is always impressive to see the momentum and impulse of the gymnasts. They train with trampolines, jumpboards, inflatable, foam, wood and plinth modules.

gymnastics center

Falls can be dangerous, especially in case of exit of practicable. That’s why you have to invest in gymnastic mats and reception mattresses of different thicknesses, to secure the discipline.

Rhythmic gymnastics
Grace and elegance are the two qualities demanded by the GRS. It is practiced with 5 kinds of gear: the ball, the hoop, the ribbon, the clubs and the rope. The choreography is performed around accessories. gymnastics center distinguishes 2 types:

Training accessories, with smaller and lighter equipment, for beginners and training.
Competition equipment, with a regulation size and weight.
On the ground, it is possible to make sequences, with jumps. They can be done with a ball of GRS initiation or training. The youngest can start with a foam ball.

The realization of a chaining ground gym is impressive with a hoop, which can be chosen from different diameters (50, 65, 75 and 85 cm). The GR rope is a 3-meter braided rope with which gymnasts jump, perform tricks and throws.

The clubs are PVC, with a different size and weight. For children under 16, they measure 34 cm, for 80 g and for over 16, they have a length of 44 cm for 160 g. Finally, the GRS ribbon also has different lengths: 4 meters for training and 6 meters for competition.

What You Need to Open a Gym
Dance, zumba, yoga, pilates, martial arts, artistic gymnastics, crossfit and various other disciplines do not require complex machines, as happens in a body building gym. These are free body activities, which require only the use of a few accessories, elastics, step, mats, balls and small weights.

For sport climbing it is sufficient to adequately equip a wall with the appropriate supports for climbing, classical or modern dance simply require a mirror and the traditional bar. The prestige of a gym that offers these activities is given by the skills of the instructors, to distinguish and specialize it is necessary to collaborate with experienced and qualified teachers, and to support the relative cost of engagement. Orienting towards a specific sector is an ideal solution, especially if the intention is to open a small gym.

Whatever the sport of reference, machines and tools must be absolutely professional and of excellent quality, selected by the best brands on the market. To save money on the purchase price, you can move towards the quality second-hand market, or evaluate the rental solution, which also includes assistance and maintenance.

The competence and preparation of the instructors are indisputable, in order to stand comparison with the competition and attract more and more members, it is essential to provide high quality sports courses, held only by qualified operators and proven experience.

The market is saturated with sports centers offering a wide range of courses and lessons, in addition to the weight room, the wellness center and often also the swimming pool. Of course, it is not possible to compete with these structures under the aspect of the range of services offered, so it is important to try to stand out for the quality, addressing a specific target.

It is possible to privilege young people, proposing the latest trends in fitness and dance, address martial arts enthusiasts and combat activities, orientate towards an adult audience proposing activities that encourage toning, weight loss but also rest, or offer targeted routes for those who need a period of rehabilitation.

Before starting the project, it is therefore necessary to evaluate the needs of what you want to be your target audience, specific needs, schedules, problems to solve.